Reputation Management in the Digital Age

In the public relations industry – things just aren’t the same anymore. The digital revolution has disrupted nearly every conceivable marketplace, for better or for worse. Though suffice it to say that in the foreseeable future, the ability of an organization or individual to effectively manage its digital relationship with the public – its online reputation – will determine its success.

The key to adapting? Online reputation management. That’s where LevelUp comes in.

At LevelUp we understand that public relations, advertising, and strategic communications – once tried and true reputation and brand management strategies – are increasingly being cast aside as relics of a bygone era. Why?

Influencing the narrative is no longer as simple as that. Thanks to the deluge of easily accessible digital information that online search engines provide, any traditional means of communications engagement – whether that’s opinion media placement or advertising – may as well be drops in the proverbial bucket.

Search engines have never been the best gatekeepers of information. By their nature, they connect both casual and serious consumers alike to the information they want to see first – information that may be either damaging or totally unrelated.

We understand that first impressions matter for our clients, so this ‘Wild West’ effect is understandably intimidating. And in the absence of proper policing – or Sheriff, if you will – undesirable content threatens to rob businesses, individuals and whomever else of their agency. An organization or individual’s ability to definitively protect and preserve their online reputation is paramount.

Accordingly, the professionals at LevelUp effort to outfit our clients with the necessary equipment to intervene and regain control of their public profile, through expertly designed search engine optimization techniques. Our team operationalizes these systems to empower our clients’ message and become the effective arbiters of their own online reputations.

At LevelUp, we think of online reputation management and digital risk mitigation as one and the same.

With that in mind, we figure that online reputation management solutions are exceedingly well suited and most applicable to high profile organizations and individuals operating in crisis-prone industries and markets.

Don’t take just our word for it though, the numbers agree with us.

Fortunately, the evaluation often uncovers digital reputation risks that were either previously underestimated or totally unbeknown to our clients.

We use our online reputation audit to identify the digital content that has the greatest impression – positive or negative – on a client’s digital public profile. From there, we are able to pinpoint the deeper, more nuanced qualities of the content that makes the content so attractive to consumers and, in turn, so impactful on a client’s online reputation.

Moreover, the results of this audit will become a tool with which clients may inform their public relations, strategic communications and other marketing operations in the future.

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20 August 2018